Every layer of the atmosphere. A sound installation by Maria Arnal and José Luís de Vicente

Activity finished

Montealgre, 5, Barcelona
From 11 to 16 October from 11 am to 8 pm
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The sound of the Earth in the second decade of the 21st century is the soundtrack of a planet in profound mutation, whose voices echo in the air we breathe and the wind that carries them. 

If we listen to them, can we better understand the magnitude of the changes that are sweeping through us? Every Layer of the Atmosphere is an innovative sound essay by visual artist and singer Maria Arnal and curator and cultural researcher José Luis de Vicente that proposes an exciting journey through the sound of the Anthropocene through natural and heritage spaces, industrial architecture, laboratories and research centres.

The project, which combines dissemination and thought with field recordings and music, can be heard in a sound installation at the CCCB and on online platforms.

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