Itinerary through the village of Sant Andreu and its urban transformation

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Segre, 24, Barcelona
Sat 15 Oct · 10:00 - 11:00
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The district of Sant Andreu, like many other districts in Barcelona, has undergone various transformations over the last few decades. From being a district of agricultural origin, through industrial evolution to a modern neighbourhood in which the old nuclei coexist with innovative transformations to make the neighbourhood more entertaining for the residents.

Thanks to the activity Itinerary and reflection on the urban transformations in the village of Sant Andreu de Palomar, you will discover how industry was placed in the urban fabric of the neighbourhood and how, over time, these same spaces have been transformed into different types of facilities, developing new aspects of the neighbourhood's identity within the framework of the city of Barcelona.

With the itinerary led by architects Clare Nelson and Chiara Mocci, you will reflect on how, throughout the history of the last three centuries, the actors who demand and determine the changes in the function of civic spaces have been changing.

This activity requires prior registration on the website of the Xarxa de Biblioteques de Barcelona.

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