La Cuina Oberta. Diasporic and situated cuisine

Activity finished

Pl. dels Àngels, 1, Barcelona
Thu 13 Oct · 19:00
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La Cuina del MACBA is a kitchen located in the context of the eco-social crisis. In its third year of operation, the participants reaffirm the importance of "sentipensar" an ecofeminist cuisine and are particularly interested in the knowledge of people, projects and experiences that work around displaced knowledge in relation to food sovereignty.

Wars and colonialism leave their mark on food systems - the circulation of food, the conditions of its cultivation - and these marks can be read from the kitchens. It is also through the kitchens that we will approach the intimate experience of this violence, both in the impact it has on daily lives and in the infinite ways of fighting for dignity, not through confrontation but through care, custody and creation.

The healing of the colonial wound through historical, ritualistic memory and culinary celebrations, and the art and processes of food justice are themes that run through the day-to-day work of the MACBA's La Cuina working group.

This session of La Cuina Oberta, on 13 October, will be attended by artists, thinkers and specialised collectives to reflect with us and with everyone who shares the same concerns. With the participation of the visual artist Marina Monsonís and other personalities.

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