Lluerna | Creation and Thought Forum of the Fundació Joan Miró

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Montjuïc Park, s/n, Barcelona
Sat 15 Oct · 17:30 - 19:00
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The Forum for Creation and Thought has a twofold purpose: an open digital magazine, Lluerna, and a meeting at the Joan Miró Foundation. The public presentation will take place on Saturday, 15 October at 5.30 p.m. in the Foundation's auditorium, as part of the Biennial of Thought 2022.

Based on a work by Miró or another artist, the community will be able to contribute a variety of means of expression and reflection: literary composition, essay, drawing, photography, video, audiovisual and audio. This material will be disseminated through a digital magazine and social networks. Subsequently, a selection of the pieces presented will be presented in the auditorium, which an editorial board will have considered to be particularly noteworthy. The event will end with a discussion with the creators in a more relaxed context that encourages interpersonal contact and exchange.

The main objectives are, on the one hand, to provide a space for digital and face-to-face expression that brings together and connects thinkers and creators of the city and, on the other hand, to promote a community involved in the reflection of the contents of the institution's programming. Also, the creation of an archive of thoughts and derived artistic pieces.

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