Premiere of 'Terminal Norte' with the presence of Lucrecia Martel and Julieta Laso

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Pl. Salvador Seguí, 1, Barcelona
Fri 14 Oct · 20:00
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Premiere in Catalonia of the documentary by Lucrecia Martel on the intimacy of the musical rehearsal and the complicity between women. During the year of the pandemic, the Argentinian singer Julieta Laso took refuge in the north of the country to rehearse for a show that would eventually be cancelled.

There, during her stay, she met extraordinary musicians with whom to sing, talk and build a sonorous refuge to go through the pandemic and resist together against the most conservative doctrines.

The session, accompanied by three of the most representative short films by the prestigious Argentinean filmmaker - Pescados (2010); Nueva Argirópolis (2010); Leguas (2015) - will be presented and discussed by Julieta Laso and Lucrecia Martel.

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