Another Ukraine

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Pl. Joan Coromines, Barcelona
Wed 12 Oct · 17:30 - 18:45
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After years of simmering conflict, Russia's invasion of Ukraine highlights the wounds of the region's complex past, but also the geopolitical strategies that both Russia and Western Europe have played out over the past decades.

The escalation of warfare, without recent precedent in Europe, has fuelled a new arms race and threatens global energy and food supplies. Meanwhile, as in any war, it is the people who suffer the irreversible consequences of the conflict while the search for solutions drags on. What are the chances that this conflict can be resolved in the near future? How can Ukraine be supported?

Andrei Kurkov, Ukraine's most internationally acclaimed author, has used literature and humour to tell the story of his country. His novels, Death with Penguin (Blackie Books, 2017; originally published in 1994) and Grey Bees (Alfaguara, 2022), are portraits of everyday life in a country torn by conflict. Today, in the face of the Russian invasion, he asks himself whether it is possible to write in this context and what role fiction can play in transforming such a difficult present. Kurkov talks about the current situation, in a context marked by the Russian invasion and the unknowns about the possibility of ending the conflict.

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