BIVAC. Outdoor encounters

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Montalegre, 5, Barcelona
Thu 13 Oct · 18:00 - 20:15
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We are young, and we feel that we are living out in the open, navigating precariousness in an ocean of uncertainty. The present that has been bequeathed to us has been marked by crises so profound that it is even difficult to imagine that there will be a future. However, even though we often think that this world does not belong to us, we believe that we must find other ways of inhabiting it, and also other ways of thinking and of putting our bodies into it.

Because we think better when we think together, and we think better from difference, we have brought together ten artists, thinkers, writers and activists from diverse contexts and with diverse views on the complexities of the present. With them, we will build a collective refuge and explore, as Yayo Herrero proposes, the other meaning of the word "emergency": that of the unexpected that is born and allows us to discover other horizons of desire and other ways of doing.

During the activity moderated by Març Llinàs, five couples formed by Míriam Hatibi and Bittah, Carme Arcarazo and Gemma Ferreón, Guillem Balart and Yaiza Berrocal, Elisa Levi and Meryem El Mehdati, and Personaje Personaje and Oriyum will discuss questions such as: What do we take refuge in? Can creation be a refuge? And the body? Who can take refuge? How do we make relationships into spaces of protection and rest?

Bivac is a new small-format festival of thought and creation born from the collaboration of the CCCB and La Sullivan with a group of sixteen young people from the city of Barcelona.

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