Braiding: santas, raras, mestizas (saints, weird, half-breeds)

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Montalegre, 5, Barcelona
Sat 15 Oct · 20:00 - 21:00
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Three women writers weave a six-handed performative colloquium on colonialism and violence. They pray, raising their prayers in communal supplications, hold a ceremony for the dead and give voice to plants and animals on the stage of the Women's Courtyard of the CCCB.

A dialogue-performance in three voices that is the result of a collective writing exercise, forged relationally, based on some threads that run through the life and work of three women writers who are already fundamental: Cristina Rivera Garza, Lina Meruane and Gabriela Wiener. In addition to the participation of the researcher and artist Ale Hop.

From spirituality, animism, narcopolitics and the border, to the colonial wound and its antidotes: privilege, the risks of whitening oneself, exclusions and disidentifications of "being a woman" and the violence of the academy.

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