Circular city

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La Model
Entença, 155, Barcelona
Fri 14 Oct · 19:30 - 21:00
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We ask ourselves what we build cities and buildings with, where the materials we use come from and where they go, what their life cycle is and what their social, economic and ecological impact is.

We often hear the concept of "circular economy", but can we create a truly circular city? The question is that there are hybrid paths between innovation and tradition. 

What can we re-learn from folk wisdom and vernacular constructions, without renouncing technological advances? Do we have the capacity to manage the urban ecosystems and flows of the 21st century? What are the materials of the present and the future? You will be able to reflect on all these questions during a debate that will take place at La Model and will be moderated by Carles Oliver. The session will include the participation of the Rotor collective, the artist Lara Almarcegui and the designer Curro Claret.

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