City and community

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Roselló, 87-89, Barcelona
Tue 11 Oct · 18:00 - 19:30
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We are a social and communal species. We cannot conceive of our raison d'être without relating to the people around us; without the notion of a "we". Nor can we conceive of our urban future. 

It is predicted that by 2050 over 70% of the world's population will live in cities, but amidst the drift of a capitalism that promotes individualism and inequalities, how can we live together? What does community mean in the 21st century? What is housing beyond private, standardised space? How do we create a city that fosters conviviality, bonds and fabrics? Housing blocks and large public spaces make up the scenography of our shared lives. What are they like, and what could they become?

We will begin the session with a dialogue between the architects Anna Bofill and Anna Puigjaner and continue with a round table discussion with Atxu Amann, Irene Sabaté and Zuloark, moderated by Bartlebooth.

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