Dancing with memory

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Montalegre, 5, Barcelona
Sun 16 Oct · 13:30 - 14:15
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The artist and activist Nzé Esono Ebalé presents an artistic intervention in which he interacts with personal memories and the memory of his native Equatorial Guinea to construct a critical reflection on the colonial past and its legacy today.

Inspired by the graphic novel Ten Thousand Elephants (Reservoir Books, 2022), conceived by himself and the journalist Pere Ortín, in this session we are immersed in a performance that mixes words, dance, song and archive images to travel through the memory of Equatorial Guinea.

Together with the dancer and singer Flor Ebendeng, the Equatorial Guinean artist invites us to explore new ways of explaining the world, far from words, looks and gestures that erase, hierarchise and barbarise the other. How can we dismantle the colonial narrative that filters our perception of the world? Why not show us the world again, imagining a future without privileged belongings or silenced voices?

Nzé Esono Ebalé is one of Equatorial Guinea's most renowned illustrators. He is co-author of works such as the graphic novel Obi's Nightmare, a satire on the human rights abuses and excesses of his country's dictatorial regime, which led to his imprisonment in 2015.

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