Esa cosa animal

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Pl. de les Dones del 36, Barcelona
Sun 16 Oct · 18:30 - 20:00
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This play brings on stage three brothers who, trapped in their childhood home under curfew, share their most intimate dilemma: whether or not to have children. What would be the consequences of this decision? What effects would it have on their emotional lives?

They debate, remembering that their mother had regretted having them. Soon the conversation drifts towards dilemmas and social dramas raised in the streets by the feminist movement: the illegality of abortion, the forced sterilisation of migrants, the prohibition of homoparental adoption and selective assisted reproductive technologies.

Esa cosa animal, directed by Andrea Segura Olvarría, reveals procreation as an ideological device of capitalism and presents the mandate of the liberal family as an instrument of its domination.

Artistic info:

Playwright: Lina Meruane

Direction: Andrea Segura Olavarría

Performers: Lorena Carrizo Polanco, Cristián Chaparro Fariña i Daniela Jacques Aviñó

Sound and video space: Raquel Tomàs

A co-production of Animal Company and Casa Amèrica Catalunya.

Image credit: ©LuisGustavoZamudio with CC BY-ND 2.0 licence.

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