Exposed but Invisible. Affections and alliances around art, Les Kellys / Laura Marte

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Rambla de Prim, 87, Barcelona
Mon 10 Oct · 10:00 - Wed 02 Nov · 21:00
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When we refer to social issues we cannot forget that it is a living essence, with constant transformations, therefore, reviews must be amplified towards the observation of people's bodies, if we really want to committed answers. One action to amplify the debates towards a civic application is to take the production of critical thinking out of academic institutions since we all have experiences worthy of sharing, which add up to the constitutive elements of the context in which we live.

Exposed but Invisible. Affections and alliances around art, Les Kellys / Laura Marte, it is proposed as a space to stimulate debate and care. The question of care is a sufficiently important and broad topic, despite this, we cannot try to deal with it. This project tries to provide a concrete vision of the intimate approach required when talking about aspects that involve the lives of the women who make up the KellysBCN association. Then, taking the discomforts derived from exhausting working days with which they have to live, serves as motivation to stop and think about the conditions that affect us as part of a system that looks more for numbers than for emotions. The interest in dealing with such a delicate and hard subject at the same time, is to propose a place where it is possible to find affection to lift the spirits. Therefore, the claims and challenges make it necessary to interrogate us together at the same time that we must listen carefully to what the protagonists of this suffering have to say.


Laura Marte creates intimate devices with affective symbology, as she deals with particular life stories, women who confide in her and share some discomforts caused by the mass labor system.

This third edition of the Biennial of Thought invites us to share perspectives and reflections on the world and the city in which we live, to rethink prevailing models. Therefore, we join the call launched by the Biennial of Thought as an act to question ourselves, together with the KellysBCN association, what are the present discomforts of working women and how it is possible to counteract them.

Exposed but invisible hopes to generate alternative routes in which to reflect on the current precarious economies. Another fundamental point within this articulation is the presence and claim of feminized work, that is to say, the care to carry out actions sensitive to labor issues, omitted by the contracting sector, the lack of attention towards the female bodies that they give support to their operating structures. The argument of care has been left parked for a long time and the current cut in our activities due to the health crisis has shown the need to start repairing professional institutional negligence.

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