Final presentation of the workshop Sound Identity

Activity finished

Pl. Margarida Xirgu, 1, Barcelona
Sun 16 Oct · 18:30
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Monuments are «structures erected to commemorate a notable person or event» usually in a public space. They stand for, or are supposed to represent, the values of society as well as authority. Monuments are heavy, physically and mentally. Can monuments exist in a world where we want to question and get rid of the centralisation of power and wealth? Or can we find new ways to love and share our own?

The workshop Sound Identity will explore the idea of the monument as a possibility to create a space for memory, presence and dialogue; in a way that proposes a critical look at our system of values and hierarchies, making the invisible visible.

The workshop aims to question the common conception of a monument, trying to invert the above-mentioned categories. We will investigate fragile and precarious monuments as social and cultural agents that maintain or trigger debates and foster communities, monuments more than triggers for future activation than as manifestations of the past.

We will build on existing soundwalks and return them to the places where they were made and activate them accordingly, entering into a dialogue with the soundscapes and manifesting the echoes materialised physically. The workshop, as in previous editions, will involve students from universities of different disciplines (music, cooking, scenography, design...) and will be in collaboration with Arrels Foundation.

To participate in the activity it is recommended to bring a cell phone and headphones.

*The activity will be entirely in English.

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