The frontiers of democracy

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Pl. del Diamant, Barcelona
Sat 15 Oct · 18:30 - 20:00
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Democracy continues to be identified with the territorial scope of traditional states. Democratic ideals are projected upwards towards the supranational order and downwards towards the local level. In this sense, is democracy essentially related to the territory of the nation, or can it be constructed and exercised beyond its borders?

Since the core element of state or national democracy is popular sovereignty, how can the classical notion of sovereignty be adapted or transformed to territories other than those of the nation? What does sovereignty mean outside the contours of the state? Or, on the contrary, can we conceive of democracy without popular sovereignty, without a collective subject that has the ultimate decision-making capacity, that is, the capacity to set in motion a constituent moment? 

The Frontiers of Democracy will be moderated by journalist Neus Tomàs. Political scientist Manuel Arias Maldonado and historian Xavier Domènech will take part in the debate.

*NOTE: Gemma Ubasart will not be able to participate in the debate.

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