How can we educate talent and values in the digital era?

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La Model
Entença, 155, Barcelona
Thu 13 Oct · 19:30 - 21:00
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Education faces a major challenge: in addition to technological skills, we need to train digital citizens capable of transferring ethics and talent to the various organisations in which they are involved.

How do we do this, how do we implement a digital literacy capable of combining training in talent and the defence of humanist values, how, for example, do we link the figure of whistleblowers, highlighting their importance and, at the same time, protecting their role?

This debate, moderated by Laura Malinverni, a specialist in technology, education and creation, will include the participation of two experts in the field: Renata Ávila, lawyer and international specialist in access to knowledge, freedom of expression, policymaking and global digital rights; and Antoni Hernández-Fernández, assistant professor of Physics and Educational Sciences at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, whose areas of teaching interest, in the broadest sense, range from gamification and project-based learning to technological education, among others.

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