How to make public opinion democratic?

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La Model
Entença, 155, Barcelona
Thu 13 Oct · 18:00 - 19:30
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Democracy is a regime of public opinion in which the beliefs, values and interests of the citizenry matter and are taken into account. However, the ways in which individual opinions are aggregated, shaping public opinion, are not neutral and can lead to problems in the functioning of democracy. The greatest danger is that citizens' opinions are based on false or distorted assumptions, or that some opinions are imposed on others because of social power differentials. What should political representatives do in these circumstances? Should they adapt or resist? How can they correct misguided or manipulated public opinion?

For their part, the media are crucial in the shaping of public opinion. Are there problems of concentration of information power in democracies? Is it even possible to speak of ideological domination? 

This debate, in La Model, will be moderated by the journalist Adrián Crespo and will include the participation of the director of the ARA newspaper Esther Vera, the historian Josep Maria Muñoz and Jordi Muñoz, director of the Centro de Estudios de Opinión.

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