Interspecies city

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Roselló, 87-89, Barcelona
Tue 11 Oct · 19:30 - 21:00
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Who are cities for? Since our origins, we have transformed our environment to create a new one. We have built settlements in which to live and develop, adapted to our needs and with an increasingly anthropocentric outlook. But the human species is not alone, nor can it pretend to be. We are interdependent and eco-dependent beings. 

How do we relate to other animals and to the ecosystem of which we are a part? Why have we created cities only for human beings? What can a zoopolis be like? 

After putting people at the centre of public space - an inclusive, necessary and predominant discourse in current urban planning - we take a step beyond anthropocentrism and begin to think on a more than human scale. To incorporate and dialogue with liminal animals, microbiome and flora. Let's imagine an interspecies life, architecture and urbanism.

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