La taula

Activity finished

Montseny, 47, Barcelona
Sat 15 Oct · 13:00 - 14:00
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La taula (The table) is a dinner with rules of etiquette and a single course. The project, devised by the American company Split Britches, combines theatricality with models of community participation. Any member of the audience will have the opportunity to sit in one of the chairs at the table, while the host, writer Isaias Fanlo, reminds the audience of the rules of the evening.

The theme of this new edition will revolve around the role of the new generations and new urban models: what is the city of the future and what role do children and young people play today?

The additional objective of this dramatised debate will be to emphasise the role of public spaces and to consider how we can use these spaces to think about the urban spaces of the future, in terms of life, culture and sustainability.

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