Se'ns moren les plantes

Activity finished

Pl. Margarida Xirgu, 1, Barcelona
Fri 14 Oct · 18:30
Sat 15 Oct · 18:30
Sun 16 Oct · 18:30
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Se'ns moren les plantes (Plants are dying) is a piece born from a dialogue with the scientists and gardeners of the Botanical Institute of Barcelona and the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona, which confronts the human practice of naming, archiving and preserving nature (even reproducing it) with the intuition of other ways of understanding reality, in which humans are not the only agents of the changes and transformations of the landscape.

This artistic performance explores the links between botany, hallucination and colonialism, through a sound walk through Montjuïc guided by a cinematographic sound director, as well as the voices of botanists, gardeners and other invisible creatures that live in the undergrowth.

The show is in collaboration with the Botanical Institute of Barcelona and the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the three shows included in the +Biennial on 14, 15 and 16 October. The activity will also take place on dates outside the Biennial of Thought programme.

You can get your tickets at the Teatre Lliure website.

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