Shared futures

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Pl. Joan Coromines, Barcelona
Tue 11 Oct · 18:00 - 19:15
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The acceleration of social and cultural transformations in recent decades and the crisis of some of the great ideas that defined the modern world mean that today we collectively find ourselves without the tools to explain and cope with the present. 

The climate emergency poses an unprecedented global challenge, while the large-scale technological changes that humanity is undergoing disrupt social and economic structures and make us rethink, once again, who we are as a species. In this context, and far from having put an end to violence and inequality on the planet, thinking about the future has surely become the most daring challenge.

Two of today's most renowned intellectuals, Yuval Noah Harari and Rutger Bregman, agree on the need to recover the idea of the future. 

Both will discuss the challenges of the present and the possibility of imagining a future for all of humanity. 

Yuval Noah Harari will participate by videoconference. This session will also be streamed on the Ajuntament de Barcelona website.

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