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Pl. Joan Coromines, Barcelona
Wed 12 Oct · 13:00 - 14:15
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The philosopher Achille Mbembe, an author of inescapable reference in post-colonial thought, reflects on the importance of rethinking the ways in which we inhabit the world in the face of current challenges. From the need for a new planetary conscience, which incorporates our link with the rest of the species, to the scope of technological transformations and their social and cultural impact, or the persistence of violence in human relations, he proposes a reflection on the present from a viewpoint that has a renewed universal vocation.

Mbembe is the author of foundational works of postcolonial thought and contemporary political theory such as Necropolítica (Melusina, 2011; originally published in 2006), Crítica de la razón negra (Ned Ediciones, 2016/2013) and Salir de la gran noche. Ensayo sobre África descolonizada (Bellaterra, 2021/2013). His latest publication is Brutalismo (Paidós, 2022), a philosophical reflection and political proposal that invites us to rethink how we inhabit the world.

Cultural journalist Alex Vicente will talk with Mbembe, one of the most relevant voices in contemporary thought, about the challenge of imagining what it means to belong to the world today.

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