The time of promises. A conversation about the future

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Pl. Joan Coromines, Barcelona
Educational activity
Tue 11 Oct · 11:30 - 13:00
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There are many things about the future that we don't know, but we all know how to make promises. And if we don't know, we can learn. A promise is the expression of a wish that implies a commitment to something and a link to some person. When we promise something to someone (or to ourselves) it is as if we were taking a journey into the future: a journey that we will have to live every day, in the present, and that will transform us. Making promises asks us to discover what we value in the present, who we care about, and what actions we feel able to commit to.

In this conference, the philosopher Marina Garcés asks the young people of the city to erase the questions of fear and make the future a time for promises. Barcelona's secondary school students are invited to this exercise in collective imagination through their schools. Secondary schools that register for the talk will receive teaching materials specifically designed to prepare for this debate, to reflect and rehearse promises for the future.

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