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Rambla de Prim, 87, Barcelona
Wed 12 Oct · 11:00
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The patriarchy-capitalism gear becomes the engine of the system, extending women's inequality and vulnerability in all spheres of life.

Women's access to the labour market has not been (and is not) an easy path for all of us, and even less have we been allowed to enter without giving anything in return. The invisible ones, for example (that's how hotel maids are called), live up to their nickname because they have to work against the clock almost without being seen, but also because they have had to collectivise themselves in parallel. They have had to join other unions and shout louder than other workers in order to be heard. The same goes for domestic and care workers: abusive working hours and conditions with purely testimonial contracts for too many women who often not only take care of our dependents - while looking nostalgically and still taking care of their families on the other side of the Atlantic - but whose labour exploitation has unfortunately been the bargaining chip for the emancipation of other women.

Aware and critical of this situation, at the Besòs and Maresme Civic Centre, with our cycle Reivindica't (a space for reflection on situations that generate social unrest that affect us as citizens), we want to look at these realities and collectively address issues such as the gender bias of the labour market and the violation of the rights of working women, domestic work and care work, the feminisation of poverty, inequality and precariousness, or the global chain of care, with their protagonists.

We begin the cycle with the opening of the exhibition "Exposed but Invisible. Affections and alliances around art, Las Kellys / Laura Marte", and the round table #viureésurgent, with the participation of Kellys Barcelona, Kellys Unión Balear, Elsa Plaza (artist, writer and researcher in feminist theory) and Amanda Cuesta (independent curator and editor), Eulalia García (lawyer of the Kellys Catalonia Syndicate) with the company of Laura Marte and Mónica Galván.

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