War and Memorial Conflicts. A look towards Ukraine

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El Born CCM
Pl. Comercial, 12, Barcelona
Thu 13 Oct · 18:30 - 20:00
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The war caused by the invasion of Ukraine is causing concern all over the world. El Born CCM, through the cycle In Perspective, will echo the problem and show solidarity with the affected populations by circulating information, allowing reflection, giving a voice to witnesses and thinking about the role played by the memory of other wars in our perception of reality.

War and Memorial Conflicts. A Look towards Ukraine is a round table moderated by Marta Marín-Dómine, director of El Born CCM, to reflect on the memories of events that the current war in Ukraine has reactivated.

The debate will feature Philippe Mesnard, an expert in testimonial literature, and Jean-Yves Potel, a specialist in European political history, who will discuss the keys to understanding the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

The activity will take place in the Sala Moragues at El Born CCM.

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