Eléctrico 28

Multifaceted artistic company

This is a group of artists in love with public space and its inhabitants, trained in very diverse fields such as literature, philology, medicine and architecture, who are dedicated to the transformation of the performing arts.

They are interested in the cinematographic images that can be created in these natural settings, as well as in playing with theatrical forms and ways of seeing and experiencing a work in order to change the audience's perception. Humour and love are their driving force to create.

The collective shares, among other things, a passion for rethinking public space as a stage; to create language, dramaturgy, surprises and images in it. They like the idea of making theatre for everyone in which the desire to play, imagine and think is activated, which for them are basic human needs. Entre Tazas, Momentos estelares de la humanidad, Full House, Expedició Nadalèctirca or [The Frame] are some of the titles that hide these adventures, games and shows in the public space.

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