La Selva. Ecosistema creatiu

Film collective

It is a film collective created by several Ibero-American visual artists living in the city of Barcelona.

As they themselves declare, "Our artistic processes are centred on generating films and audiovisual pieces that decentre the gaze and generate new visions of the world with feminist and decolonial perspectives, breaking with hegemonic discourses to explain the world from new places of speech. Let's look at reality starting from ourselves; from the conflicts and experiences that cross us: our migratory processes, our position as women and our diverse identities".

Liliana Díaz Castillo, Melisa Ramírez, Jana Montllor Blanes and Lucía Dapena are four of the filmmakers who make up the collective. They have written and directed the film Disonar, selected for the Simfonies de ciutat project and produced by the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) with the collaboration of Dones Visuals, which premieres at the D'A Film Festival 2022.

Photo of the La Selva group. Ecosistema creatiu