Marek Tuszynski

Creative director and co-founder of Tactical Tech

He produces creative and social interventions that span multiple media, from film and radio to television, books, exhibitions and, of course, the web.

For the past 25 years, he has worked on the nexus between technology and politics, information and activism, and the consequences of living in a quantified society. The most recent documentary series for Tactical Tech, Exposing the Invisible, explores the digital tools and tactics that now allow evidence-based activism to thrive on an unprecedented scale.

He is co-founder of creative agency Tactical Studios, co-curator of the exhibitions Nervous Systems: Quantified Life and the Social Question and The Glass Room. He is also co-author of the book Visualising Information for Advocacy and the more recent Efficiency And Madness (Using Data and Technology to Solve Social, Environmental and Political Problems).

He is currently working on a new radio show, a follow-up to the recently completed Love & Chaos produced for Berlin-based Reboot FM (2012-2016) and on a new film, How Long Is Now.

Marek Tuszynski's photo