Maria Arnal

Singer and composer

She is one of the most renowned voices on the Catalan music scene. Trained in the fields of translation, performing arts, anthropology and singing, she develops her musical work through passionate experimentation with archives and digitised sound libraries of field recordings. She shares her main artistic project with the musician Marcel Bagés, with whom she released her debut album 45 cerebros y 1 corazón (Fina Estampa 2017), an album for which she has won numerous awards: best national album, new artist, best pop album, best national song at the independent music awards, the Ciutat de Barcelona award and the Ojo Crítico 2018 award, from RTVE, for new artist.

Her latest artistic project, also in collaboration with Marcel Bagés and David Soler, has been presented at the Vic Live Music Market and at Sonar+D CCCB. This is the prologue to his second album, an ambitious research project that delves into new sonic and philosophical territories and which will be released shortly. She is also participating in the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021 as composer of the sound piece for the Catalonia pavilion, commissioned by Olga Subirós.

Maria Arnal's photo