Silvia Fehrmann

Cultural journalist

She is currently responsible for the DAAD international art scholarship programme in Berlin. In her native Argentina she worked as a journalist, cultural manager at the Goethe Institute and lecturer at the University of Buenos Aires, before moving to New York as a correspondent for various Argentinean media and finally settling in the German capital.

Between 2008 and 2018 she was part of the team of the House of World Cultures Berlin (HKW), holding different leadership positions in the Communication Department and as head of the Education Programme. She also conceived the Schools of Tomorrow project, which focuses on exploring through dialogue and artistic and educational practice how schools can become a place for building desirable societies and transformative futures. She is also a member of the Berlin Arts Council (Rat für die Künste), an independently elected body representing culture in the German capital. She participates as a speaker in various discussion programmes, such as the Working Group on International German Residency Programmes (ADIR).


Image of Silvia Fehrmann