Musician, cultural manager and designer

The multifaceted artist, formerly known as Egosex or Spirit Disco, begins a new artistic stage by adopting his birth name, Wekaforé, with a long-awaited musical project, Alma Fetish, where he explores the deepest pleasures of the soul.

Born in the city of Lagos (Nigeria), he grew up in a family of artisans and spent part of his adolescence in the Middle East, before arriving in Spain seven years ago to study fashion design. He soon became a regular on Barcelona's cultural scene, rising to become a nightly fixture at Voodoo Club's parties and audiovisual projects, which prompted him to create a community of like-minded people who were united by an open and contemporary philosophy.

The artist has developed a circular vision that implements universality in all his works, adopting influences from music, design, art, fashion or cinema, in a genre that has been defined as "postmodern surrealism".

Wekaforé will begin his film career very soon, providing music for Rainbow, the next film by Paco León.

Image of Wekaforé