We live in a world in which change is advancing at great speed in all directions. More than ever, we need a window of pause and joint reflection. The Biennial of Thought 2022 reclaims public space and transforms Barcelona into an agora for civic debate.

For six days we will debate on topics such as the health of democracy, the survival of colonialism and authoritarianism, the impact of technology on our lives or how the design of cities must respond to current and future challenges of various kinds.

As a novelty, for the first time Palma and Valencia are joining forces to highlight the Mediterranean connection. The three capitals have formed a strategic alliance in favour of thought and culture, with three editions of the same event driven by a common spirit and adapted to the idiosyncrasies and particularities of each venue.

In addition, we have the +Biennial section, an alliance with cultural centres in Barcelona that make our city a point of reference for critical thought.

A Biennial with free access that recovers the debate at street level to reflect, think and listen to all of us to build a better future.

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