Adriano Galante

Creator, musician and writer

Singer, founder and musician of the sound action, performance and free song collective, Seward. Since 2005, he has found his place at the intersection between collective creation, interdisciplinary performance, critical thinking, community management and artistic curatorship, collaborating with artists such as Sílvia Pérez Cruz, B1N0 and Judit and Meritxell Neddermann, among many others. He has also promoted projects such as the campaign for freedom of expression No callaremos, the platform Caja de Resonancia or the musical documentary ART. 490.

In recent years, he has worked as coordinator of the community festival BAM Cultura Viva and the Línea Cultural Ramblas, and has collaborated with the creation centre Konvent, the organisation for the defence of rights Artists At Risk, the literary project Viaje en Marte at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), the publication Nativa, the record label Gandula, the EINESS cycle, the booking agency Bacana and the cooperatives La Murga and Bitlab.

He has recently premiered the performative conference Entrar a vivir al Teatro Libre and the show Demoledora at El Auditorio de Barcelona, sharing stage, direction and creation with David Climent (, Alessia Schoor and Sara Serrano; as well as the poetry and music meeting Nosotros, Fuego with Mireia Calafell and Pol Guasch at the Palau de la Música. He is also preparing his first album in Spanish and has just published Mediante with Arrebato Libros, the first book published -17th written-of the 23 books of his unpublished poetry collection Preposicionarse, which he began writing in 2006 and which will be finished in 2029.

Adriano Galante's photo