Pablo Volt

Pablo Volt, also known as Pope, is a multi-instrumentalist musician who has been engaged in a thoroughgoing exploration of DIY at all levels: playing, recording, composing, and improvising. In the period 2003-2004 Sally Thompson, a project of psychodelic improvisation, was born, and this was followed by STA in 2004 with the idea of producing music without prejudices. This was the beginning of a deeper exploration into the production and mixing of songs, especially with the concept of dub in the way of making music and with punk in the spirit. Pope has participated in projects including BIB, IED8, Dub Corao, Holy, Sally Thompson, and Bradien + Eduard Escoffet, all of them subterranean, all visceral. At present he is a member of Barba Corsini, STA, Fuego, Aquófono, and various formations for improvising.

Pablo Volt's photo