Three editions, three cities

The Biennial of Thought 2022 returns to Barcelona and unfolds in the cities of Palma and Valencia to debate and reflect on the present and future of technology, cities, democracy and culture.

During the second week of October, the third Biennial of Thought will fill the cities of Barcelona, Palma and Valencia with reflection and debate on the hottest topics in contemporary society and culture. The three Mediterranean capitals have forged a strategic alliance in favour of thought and culture and, for the first time, have agreed to share the organisation of the same festival.

This Biennial will address themes that affect the three cities as a whole in areas such as technology, cities, democracy and culture. In this context, they invite us to debate and think about the great global challenges, as well as those related to the cultural space that the three capitalise on.

Each venue has its own advisory board, which has worked specifically on the respective programmes. Throughout the process, the different curatorial teams have been sharing experiences to make it more enriching, seeking ways to optimise resources and broaden the avenues of collaboration. As a result of this process of creation and dialogue, the three cities share a number of participants and activities. Among the highlights, there will be a reading of texts by Blai Bonet, Joan Fuster and Gabriel Ferrater, to be held simultaneously in the three cities by poets representative of the three authors' languages.

The poster

Another of the elements shared by the three venues is the poster, designed by Susana Blasco, that represents citizens looking at the challenges posed by the future with critical but optimistic thinking. A direct, close and positive image, but at the same time dynamic and enigmatic, which alludes to reflection, curiosity, learning and debate.

The image is built, among other things, on the idea of the city, on a grid that could perfectly represent a map; between the raised corners there are blue slits (of the sky, of the sea, of open minds...). These corners and the layout of the grid create volume and movement, a kind of mental architecture, in which questions and ideas open up as they change and move forward.

The Biennial in Barcelona

In Barcelona, the Biennial takes place from 11 to 16 October. The programme will take place in various spaces around the city, such as Can Felipa, the Canódromo, Editorial Gustau Gili, La Model, the Women's Courtyard and Sala Raval of the CCCB, the headquarters of the COAC, as well as urban public spaces, such as the Plaça de les Dones del 36, Plaça del Diamant, Plaça de la Virreina, Plaça Joan Coromines and Plaça Reial.

In addition, as in previous editions, this year will also feature the proposals of the +Biennial, an alliance with cultural centres in Barcelona that make our city a point of reference for critical thought.