Decidim Fest 2022

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Concepción Arenal, 165, Barcelona
Thu 13 Oct · 10:00
Fri 14 Oct · 10:00
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The Internet is today a space in conflict. The capacity for democratic control of the network of networks is increasingly distant from citizens, and its governance is concentrated in a few companies that operate on a global scale and that are always ahead of the regulatory processes that should guarantee fundamental rights in the digital era.

What is the future of the Internet? What risks and dangers are we facing in this scenario? Is it possible to change these dynamics at a global level? What are the democratic challenges of the Internet of the future? From the Decidim project and from the city of Barcelona we open a new edition of the Decidim Fest - on 13 and 14 October at the Canòdrom -, and on this occasion we do so to address these questions in the face of the urgency of finding concrete answers to think about and build the Internet of the future.

Just as the climate emergency needs a global response to guarantee the life and sustainability of present and future generations, the technological emergency needs an open, free and democratic Internet at the service of the people, public-commons digital infrastructures that guarantee fundamental rights, and safe spaces that explore the power of cooperation and collaboration on a global scale to face the complex challenges we face in the face of the multiple crises to come.

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