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Rambla de Sant Josep, 114, Barcelona
Fri 14 Oct · 12:00 - 13:30
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We will present the concept and programme of Urban Communalities, territories that become spaces for cooperation, learning and creation in the field of urban and proximity economy. So, what do we understand by urban commons, and how does the community make use of them?

In the Ciutat Vella district, La Traginera Comunalitat de Ciutat Vella is being set up on the basis of the strong associative fabric and the extensive community background of the Raval neighbourhood, with the aim of extending its activities to the whole district. La Traginera wants to empower the district to become a socially responsible territory like the Raval, a territory that, in the face of all the crises that have occurred in the last ten years, has shown resilience, creativity and resistance.

A discussion on Radio Rambles with the director general of the Social and Solidarity Economy, the Third Sector and Cooperatives Josep Vidal, Laia Forné of Hidra Cooperativa and members of the technical team of La Traginera Comunalitat de Ciutat Vella, which is promoted by the organisations Impulsem, Fundació Tot Raval, Fundació Surt, Colectic and la boqueria arquitectura.

Organised in collaboration with Línia Cultura Rambles.

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