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Camèlies, 76-80, Barcelona
Wed 19 Oct · 18:30 - 19:30
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Today, artificial intelligence adapts to our lives and professions. We carry it on our mobile phones, and it helps us every day. It is wonderful... but it has also led to discrimination and manipulation of reality.

As members of the public, what could you do?

The debate, which will take place at the Guinardó-Mercè Rodoreda Library, with the collaboration of Barcelona Activa, will include the participation of the journalist Karma Peiró, who specialises in the Internet and Information and Communication Technologies.

To participate, prior registration is required on the Cibernàrium website of Barcelona Activa.

Talk on the occasion of the exhibition "The Creature from Jekyll Island", which can be seen at the Guinardó Civic Centre from 6 to 29 October.

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