New Ywork

Activity finished

Hospital, 56, Barcelona
De l'11 d'octubre del 2022 al 8 de gener de 2023.
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New Ywork is a project that replaces reality with the dream of reality. Through a story elaborated with plastic and contextual jokes, you will experience a "mental film" full of humour and social criticism.

The synopsis of this film is about a character who feels out of the local comedy scene and decides to show his recent pieces in order to say goodbye to his environment and leave with his ideas to the showbiz mecca, the invented city of New Ywork. The project portrays a vision of the Barcelona, Catalan, Spanish and American comedy context and constructs a dramatisation based on an exaggerated subjective positioning.

The exhibition, with the participation of the artist Jaume Clotet, stages through classical, artistic, verbal, visual or gestural humour a stay/study stopped just before the journey in the city imagined by the character. From the tour, you will observe pieces that stress the idea of evasion and the desire for renewal and adventure. Take the opportunity to live this experience and discover how the humour scene is in Barcelona and around the world.

The project will last until 8 January 2023.

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