Barcelona Biennial of Thought 2022
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From 11 to 16 October in Barcelona

This year’s Biennial will be held in the cities of Palma and Valencia.



  • Utopia and dystopia
    Biennial, streamed recording

    Here you will find the videos of some of the activities of the Biennial of Thought 2022. The contents of this page will be updated as the videos become available.

  • Just city
    The legacy of utopian practices

    Last chronicle of the Biennial, Sunday 16 October. Utopias and dystopias, classics, poetry and squares packed to the rafters to bid farewell to six days full of thought.

  • Fuster, Ferrater, Bonet
    Of human measures

    Poetry is the opener of thought and, in the chronicle of the fifth day of the Biennial, on 15 October, it leads us to reflect on digital rights, among many other subjects.

  • How can we educate talent and values in the digital era?
    Diversity as an antidote

    Against hate, microphones and ears. The chronicle of the third day of the Biennial of Thought. The day has greased the mechanisms to strengthen democracy with more eyes and more listening.

  • City and food
    Instructions to break imaginaries

    Chronicle of the second day on Wednesday 12 October, with a Canòdrom ready to rethink the schemes of climate change and the influence of food on the health of the big cities.

  • Shared futures
    Voices to fight uncertainty

    The chronicle of the opening day of the Biennial of Thought, Tuesday 11 October, with the reflections shared in a packed Plaza Joan Coromines.

  • Persona mirant la multitud d'un concert.
    Itineraries of the Biennial of Thought

    The programme of the Biennial of Thought is intense and extensive, with many moments of great interest. For this reason, we propose eight itineraries with different themes or perspectives to help you distinguish the sessions that best suit your personal predilections.

Not to be missed

We propose a tour through the unmissable activities of the Biennial, we are waiting for you!

Culture: Culture as a lighthouse

Can cultural traditions act as a lighthouse to navigate towards the future? Is culture the creation of a privileged gaze to decipher the present and guide us?

City: The city we want

How can the city response to the challenges of urban planning, sustainability, liveability or community?

Future: An uncertain path

How can technological, democratic and environmental changes be balanced? How can progress be transformed into tools for the common good?

+ Biennal

This section of the programme is made up of proposals from institutions and initiatives that promote thought and creation through their daily activities.

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