Women in diaspora: the power of art in peacebuilding

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Sant Gervasi de Cassoles, 85, Barcelona
Thu 20 Oct · 18:30
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Today, the number of people who have to leave their country because of threats to their lives is unprecedented. With Women in the Diaspora: the power of art in peacebuilding, you will discover the experiences of women from countries such as Colombia, Syria and Ukraine and what they do when they feel far from home. The activity will feature the participation of Ana Isabel Barrera, Colombian, and Anna Slizinova, Ukrainian, and will be moderated by Sílvia Plana, member of the Institut Català Internacional per la Pau.

With this activity you will discover that the diaspora and its negative implications can be worked through art and culture, as they are tools for healing and social transformation, which have a very relevant importance for the lives of people and their wellbeing.

The short documentary Para volverte a ver, about the participation in the Colombian Truth Commission of victims abroad, will also be screened. In addition, there will be a musical performance by one of the participants in the activity, the soprano Anna Slizinova.

You will discover the experiences of these women and the importance of art as a means of personal healing.

In collaboration with the Centre cívic Pere Pruna.

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