No right has ever been won forever. A conversation about freedom

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Montalegre, 5, Barcelona
Educational activity
Thu 13 Oct · 11:30 - 13:00
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We live in a critical moment, when rights and social conquests that we thought were guaranteed everywhere are being cancelled or are faltering. The rise of authoritarianism in Europe reminds us that the maintenance of an open and plural society requires a constant collective effort. In the words of philosopher Carolin Emcke, "freedom is not something you possess, but something you have to work for". Similarly, no right is won forever, but must be defended again and again.

Using this warning as a catalyst for reflection, Carolin Emcke will talk to young secondary school students. Emcke, one of the most critical voices on the German intellectual scene, has dedicated her life and work to defending human rights and denouncing xenophobia and LGTBIphobia, as well as analysing the social mechanisms of exclusion, dehumanisation, fanaticism and authoritarianism. Secondary schools that sign up for the conversation will receive teaching materials specifically designed to prepare for this debate. The session will be moderated by sociologist and trans activist Miquel Missé.

Registrations can be made from 1 September on the CCCB website.

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